What’s the Big Idea?

A lovely picture of meHey, how’s it going? Welcome to Darbenghast Ideas! This blog is a sub-blog thing of Darbenghast,  and it is home to all the wonderfully terrible ideas I’m trying to generate as part of my initiative to become a more imaginative person. Why become more imaginative? Well, you know.. I’m sick of being the boring one who just nods along with everything.

So, how am I doing this? The big idea is pretty simple: Whenever I can, I want to think up ten ideas centred around a theme that I’ve chosen for the day. The theme can be anything: Story hooks, video game mechanics, crisp flavours.. Even ideas for what sorts of lists of ideas may be interesting to think about in the future! (As a side-note, I call the list of idea lists an ‘idealist’, because I’m a nerd). This is surprisingly difficult: I have no experience in being original, clever or otherwise creative.

The inspiration for this mini-project came from James Altucher’s blog post on becoming an idea machine. Like pretty much everything else, I’m taking a relaxed approach to this. I’m not going to explode if I don’t get ten ideas out: Just one or two on a bad day would be great. Even zero is fine if I do something else that uses the creative juices. Posting every day is one of those things that is the ideal, but let’s see how reality turns out. I’m currently thinking maybe three to four posts a week, but even that might turn out to be too big a commitment.

The actual format of each post is simple: There will be the theme, the list, and a brief expansion of an idea I consider worthy of giving further thought. So go on, check out the (almost empty) archive, and let me know what you think!