About Me


Matthew J. Darby is a Software Engineer by profession. He received his MEng in Computing from Imperial College London in 2012, joining gainful employment shortly after graduation. When not out with friends, Matthew spends most of his free time finding some way to amuse or better himself. Past “achievements” include:

  • Getting 11 likes on a single Facebook post (2008)
  • Joining the University Choir so he could go to Berlin with them (2008)
  • Learning the Japanese alphabet, then forgetting it (2009)
  • Learning how to roll 50p coins across his knuckles (2010)
  • Scoring 160,000 points in Robot Unicorn Attack (2010)
  • Beginning to write, then abandoning, a platform game engine (2013)
  • Solving a Rubik’s Cube in less than 2 minutes (2013)
  • Having his tweet shown live during a Norwegian knitting marathon (2013)
  • Learning how to say the alphabet backwards (2014)
  • Shared world record for clearing a dance floor in a Be At One (2015)
  • Haggled at the Grand Bazaar for a whopping 25 lira discount (2016)

When not wasting his potential, Matthew reads self-improvement books with no real intention of putting any of the advice in to action. As a side-project, he currently creates and maintains simple websites in the latest fad language/framework. Sometimes he cooks. We don’t talk about that.

Want to contact me for some craaaazy reason? You can reach ‘me’ at this address!