I try and keep busy, even if what I’m working on isn’t ‘useful’ or ‘thought through’. You can find basically everything programming related thing I do on my Github, but why go through all that when I can give you the low-down on the down-low right here?


BrainNyan is a BF interpreter written in Python. Seriously, that’s about it. It has one special property however: All of the keywords of the language can be remapped to arbitrary strings. For instance, the following is a valid BrainNyan program:

Ahem. This is a BrainNy4n program. It will read like the ramblings of a mad
man, but that is entirely normal.

Tsun! I love a bit of tsun. Tsun is the way to be. If you're doubly so, are
you tsuntsun? Tsun... Tsun is a state of mind!? Tsun is life! Anta wouldn't
understand~ Nyan, tsuntsun! A cat who is tsuntsun! Don't you think that's the
best? If not, ANTA BWAKA! Nyancore is the best music genre. I'm tsun for
grunge, but not so tsun for indie rock.

My cat has something to say: Nyan! I think my cat is tsun for me. Then again,
one might suppose cats are tsun for most things. If they weren't so tsun,
maybe we'd hear less nyan and more purring. They always start off tsun, but
with a bit of effort you can reduce the tsun levels with treats. But screw up,
and they'll be back to super tsun faster than you can say nyan! Or even tsun!

A dog goes wan wan and it makes my heart go wan wan kyun! So dere! Not baka at
at all. If a dog hears a nyan, it goes all tsun! Nyan: Tsun. No nyan: Dere!
Nyannyan is way out. All you get for that is tsun. Anta! Do you understand the
power of the wan yet, baka? Wan: Dere! Baka: Nyan! Nyan comes from nekos! Nyan
is not dere! Only dere is dere!

Never fear the power of the neko. Though their tsun power is unrivalled,
their tsun nature makes them woefully weak against puppies. Tsun is only good
for one thing: Generating more tsun! Tsun can be beautiful, but only if you
like tsun! If you like tsun, you will like nekos. Neko = Tsun! Tsun = Tsun!
Nekos go nyan! Nyan = Neko! Wan = Dere! I'm losing my mind! Neko! Wan Neko!
Tsun! Tsun! Tsun! Neko! Dere! Dere! Dere! Dere! Dere! Dere! Neko! Dere! Dere!
Dere! Dere! Dere! Dere! Dere! Dere! Neko! Nyan! Nyan! Tsun! Neko! Nyan! Tsun!
Tsun! Nyan! Neko!

This outputs the following when run through BrainNyan with the appropriate keyword mapping:

Hello World!

Quite horrifying, don’t you agree? Certain words in the above are ‘secretly’ keywords replacing all BF commands like +, -, >, etc. Check out the Github page for more info!

Brain2Speare and Speare2Brain

Two highly pointless projects focusing on transpilation of BF to Shakespeare and vice versa. Brain2Speare deals with, well, you can figure it out. I wrote a blog post about it! Speare2Brain goes the other way! I didn’t finish it, but I learned quite a bit about using some of the parser and grammar tools out there. There’s a blog post about that too.


Hermes is my attempt at producing a textboard in Python and Django. It’s pretty full-featured, emulating most of the functionality available on any other given textboard. I’ve done a short post about textboards and the inspiration of the project here. For your perusal, there is the Github page, and also the demo! I’m rather happy with Hermes: It didn’t take long to put together and it’s almost an actual piece of software that could be used for real things. That’s crazy! is a keyboard layout generator for constructing strong passwords under a prefix-secret-site name scheme. That sounds complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy to get your head around! You can see the original Python implementation here, or you can check out QuickPass if you want a good lookin’ web interface.