Narrative in Gaming

I’ve only gone and done it again. Here’s the next video in my new, exciting kind-of-a-podcast-I-guess-but-not-really series of ‘Everything Matt Knows About…’. Except I’ve dropped the subtitle on the video itself because I don’t actually ‘know’ anything in this domain, it’s 95% opinions. In this one, I try and identify what gaming has over other […]

Story Structure: Everything Thing Matt Knows About…

Above, you can see the first instalment in my new, exciting kind-of-a-podcast-I-guess-but-not-really series of ‘Everything Matt Knows About…’. For the opening episode, I rant about story structure for about 30 minutes. If you don’t want to listen to me drone on for that long, the transcription is below.

Fic – A Z-Code Interpreter

I wrote a bit about interactive fiction (IF) before on this blog – this time I want to talk a bit about how these games ticked and about an interpreter I wrote for them. If you haven’t read that, I recommend giving it a quick skim before reading this one, unless you’re already familiar with […]

Hermes – A Textboard

Internetless in London Something strange happens when you’re suddenly disconnected from the Internet for a long period of time: You find other things to do. After cleaning the bathroom and tidying my room twice, beating some video games on my backlog, and somehow losing offline access to Spotify (thanks Spotify), it was time for something […]


The predecessor project of Speare2Brain, Brain2Speare, took all of a day to implement. It took another day to spruce up, but the fact was: After a single day of development, nearly every Brainfuck program could be successfully transpiled to Shakespeare[1]. The same cannot said of Speare2Brain. Also, spoilers, it only partially works. What is hell […]


Intro This post is about a Brainfuck-to-Shakespeare transpiler that I wrote one warm Sunday evening called Brain2Speare. To fully appreciate this post, you will need to know a bit about the Brainfuck and Shakespeare esoteric programming languages, but don’t worry! I’ll talk a little bit about each of those before diving into the meaty bits. […]

Interactive Fiction

>look Castle Darbenghast You stand in a massive courtyard, surrounded on all sides by stone walls that seem to touch the sky. In front of you, there is a marble pedestal carved with ornate shapes of pugs. There is a book on the pedestal. >take book Taken. >read book The book is a collection of […]


I came back from my business trip having kept up the ol’ blog, but dropping pretty much everything else. That’s okay, it’s hard to follow a schedule when you’ve got that whole ‘job’ thing going on, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself. It’s time for a shift-up, anyway. There’s about twice […]